Spring Cleaning!

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Spring is the season of cleansing.  Even the greens that pop out of the earth suggest we cleanse!  In our routines, so out of touch with the rhythms of nature, since the invention of electricity and AC, with the international shipping of foods across the world, and now with the onset of the Internet of Things virtual reality we're supposed to walk right into, we barely notice that the changing seasons and the lengthening days have anything to do with our body's patterns.  We remain mostly fixed in our patterns, mostly fixed in our diets.  

I heard a nationally renowned chiropractor discussing the Keto diet when he mentioned a key - Keto is meant to be done for a few months annually, but only for a few months.  In the temperate zones of the Earth, especially here in the hills of Appalachia, the wintertime diet is predominantly meats that were processed and preserved in late fall, along with fermented vegetables like kraut & kvass, and a small amount of long keeping vegetables like turnips, rutabaga, squash, and potatoes.  Fermentation is nature's way of preserving vegetables, and the kraut, kvass, and other cultured vegetables provide the enzymes and probiotics that enable us to properly digest animal fat and protein.  As the season progresses deeper into winter, people go increasingly into a sate of Ketogenesis, where the body metabolizes fat rather than carbohydrates.  Ketogenic diets can be absolutely transformative in so many ways -- there is research confirming that they promote the creation of stem cells in grown adults!  Through Epigenetics, this diet also allows us to rapidly change the way our DNA is transcribed, potentially allowing our body to metabolize foods better, and to turn on or off certain genes that predispose us for disease. And yet, as many of us well recognize, the frequent consumption of meat can bear a toll on our liver and circulatory health.  

Thankfully, winter comes to an end, and when it does, God's Earth gifts us with the cleansing greens of early spring.  Dandelion, Chickweed, and Dock spring to life before the trees even begin to end their slumber.  Dandelion, an amazingly powerful plant, offers its bitter leaves to cleanse our blood and its root as a potent liver tonic.  Specifically cleansing the systems most burdened by Winter's meat consumption, spring abounds with plants that are supportive of the liver and circulatory systems. Asparagus, another plant that's medicinal to the liver, shoots up out of the ground as well.  Everywhere we look, they are suggesting to us that we receive them and cleanse.  And when we ignore their suggestion, we can pay for it! 

These cleansing plants come just in time to lighten our toxic burden just before the pollen count ramps up and allergy season is upon us.  In my personal experience, I've very acutely noticed a close association between my toxicity load and my allergy severity.  When I'm exposed to pesticides, for example, I have immediate and severe allergies.  In fact, I never had allergies until I lived in a place where GMO corn & soy and the accompanying   When I thoroughly cleanse my body, my allergen sensitivity reduces by about 85%.  If I heed the suggestion of the world around me, allergies create little to no issue.  And just in case they're still creating trouble, nature again offers to us the best anti-histamines exactly on time!  In late spring, nettle patches run wile, outpacing everything else in attempt of taking over my yard!  Stinging nettle, known as "itch weed" (even though it totally stings) provides awesome relief from allergies.  Make tea from it, cook it in place of spinach, add it in when you make a soup broth (like we do in the cafe this season!), and see just how much relief it provides. And just to be certain, God's Green Earth sprouts wild onions and offers for harvest their fresh wet bulbs!  Raw onions are one of the most concentrated sources of Quercetin, regarded to be one of the most effective natural anti-histamines.  



In a later writing, we'll lean deeper into nature and flow toward summer, where our bodies demand cellular hydration and the fruits of the earth mature to fulfill that.   

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