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Members get the best prices we can possibly offer!  We work to serve our members, to carry what they want & what they need, and in turn, Members support us when no one else does.  With a $60 annual household membership, the average member saves $380 compared to retail pricing.  But it's not about the money!  Members share our vision. 

We are building something, slowly, incrementally, piece by piece.  We envision a practical but somewhat eclectic selection of the best, most nutrient dense, most health promoting products available in the world.  We envision many of these being produced here, in the humble mountains of Blue Ridge.  We see greens grown in Cherry Log, in enchanted land at the foot of the national forest, and beets from rolling slopes Mineral Bluff.  And we see muscadynes! 

We envision the area's best organic growers continuing to evolve and learn and grow, deepening their appreciation and utilization of the true principles of growth, because it's hypocritical to be a grower without continuing to grow!  We see our community becoming more sustainable, more full circle, more alive, and less dependent!  In these mountains we shall provide!

I once turned an above ground circular pool into a whirlpool, simply by continuing to walk in the same direction along the periphery of the pool.  I remember not believing it could happen, but continuing to walk anyway, and watching the space transform.  Now I know what can happen, and I'll keep walking in the same direction on the periphery until we get somethin' spinnin'!  If you want to see it happen faster, walk with me, become a member.